I'm baaaaaaaack!

Wow! Has it really been 2 years since I made my last post in here? Time flies when you are having fun. Guess there are a few things that need updating. First, since this blog is mostly about weight loss, the answer is no. In fact I am a few pounds above where I started back in Dec 07, at least that is what the scale at the doctors office said when I was there about a month ago. So... I guess I need to get back in the saddle again since the Doc said he wanted to see me smaller when I return in November. The weight loss aid I was using before apparently isn't being sold at the Walmart pharmacy anymore but I haven't looked anywhere else.

What else has changed in the last 2 years? Well, the fact I am still single hasn't changed. I still haven't met a rich, young, hot and single American woman who wants to adopt me! *LOL* Heck, any nation will do, at this point beggars can't afford to be choosers.

What else has changed? Well.... I have me a new job. Will have been there for 2 years at the end of September, hopefully my next post in here is long before then. I decided with travel prices going up and the economy going in the crapper. Not to mention always being shortchanged and ripped off on the amount of work I was doing, it was time for something else. Not to mention I had no benefits and I always owed Revenue Canada money at the end of the tax year.

So I started looking into call centres, since there were a few near by or within a short drive of my location and started applying. Within 2 days I got calls from 2 who were interested. One was a 10 minute drive away from my home and I would be doing internet tech support for a large American cable company who has a name rhyming with Bombast. And it was for different regions and when I was on the midnight shift, one call could come from Martinsville, VA and the next from Indianapolis. Then the powers that be decided to change our job descriptions. We were going to be trained how to do billing and tv support plus internet for a specific area covering Metro Philly, New Jersey and part of Delaware. OMG.

We got a week of training and people starting quitting in droves, for those of us who stayed, our shifts seemed to change every 6 weeks and the whine-a-thon started at full throttle. I actually took a call from a "gentleman" who was complaining about the Amber Alert that was posted for a missing child. He had the balls to say "It's not like I don't care and I have kids of my own, but this is interrupting my tv show" and he wanted a credit for interrupting his program.

When the chance came, they were looking for new people to work in On Call, which is a different department within the call centre that does a lot of smaller campaigns and I was hired there a month ago, and so far I am loving it. Not to mention, I get paid more per hour, am eligible for a yearly raise and get profit sharing bonuses every month. The Bombast campaign went from quarterly raises to a new monthly bonus and quarterly attendance bonus of $250 if you were on time and didn't miss a shift. For a total possible of $2008 for the year. One of the On Call agents made over $900 just for one month of profit sharing.

Anyway, that is enough of that. Keeping track of my weight could be fun because I have no idea where my scale is. It was in the bathroom, then everything got moved to repaint the bathroom and somehow the scale never made it back. I guess it grew legs and walked away. Maybe I should check out the XS Cargo website and see if they have anymore.


Forgive me father for I have sinned

Today is June 11, or 12th now since it is midnight and I haven't updated this blog since March 1 so that is more than 3 months ago. No I am not Catholic although my mom was and my nieces go to a Catholic high school. I was (still am I guess) a member of a Baptist church although I haven't darkened their door for a long time either.

Almost 6 months ago to this date I was thrilled that I had lost a full 10% of my weight in about 9 months. Today I am embarrassed to report almost all of that weight has come back. As for why, I could point to several reasons and make excuses about why but the only person to blame looks back at me in the mirror.

I guess I got too comfortable that I had lost that much weight so quickly that it would keep melting away and I could "let myself go" so to speak. This winter was much snowier than last and I slipped and fell at least 3 times so I wasn't all that interested in falling again so I pretty much stayed indoors. Then my work schedule picked up so there was another excuse to stay home. Now that the nice weather has arrived now it is too hot. Meantime the poor dog just lays on the floor and stares at me with her big brown eyes wondering when she will be walked again.

And I don't even have an excuse for not exercising since I bought an exercise bike about 18 months ago. Guess how often I have ridden it? Go ahead and guess. I also haven't bothered to get on the scale either until a week ago and again this morning. Since February 29th which was the day before my last update here, I have gained back 22 pounds so my total loss is now a whopping 8 which would be great of it was last April.

Nothing to do but to get back on the horse and try to lose all that weight again except now I am that much farther behind and have to cover ground I have already done.

In other news, winter is finally over although he seemed to want to stay around for an awfully long time. Even into late May the days would be nice enough to open windows and be outside but the temperature would drop and I know I heard the furnace running a few times. Now we have to start saving our pennies to pay the oil bill for next year.

That's it for now.
Onward and downward! (weight wise that is)

Wish me luck!

PS the answer to the question is ... ONCE


I still hate winter!

When is this crap going to end? It will be March 1 in a few hours and there is more snow falling and more in the forecast for a few days from now. I am still taking applications for a sugarmommy to adopt me and move me to Florida to live a life of ease. Ha ha ha.. as if that would ever happen. Maybe in my dreams.

As for the weight thing, I am falling into my old bad habits and eating way too much late at night and so the numbers on the scale seem to be getting bigger again. So I am now up by 1.8 pounds from the last update on Valentine's Day. A day created by the greeting card and chocolate companies designed to move more product off their shelves. Maybe if I wasn't a lonely, old, bitter single male my opinion might be changed.


The updated update

Guilty as charged, I have been neglecting ye olde blog site. First of all, I did not step on the scale on Feb 6 but I did step up on Feb 14 and I was down by 3.6 pounds. Maybe it is from all the snow I have had to shovel this winter, so I am back to a total loss of 33.4 pounds and it also means I need to lose 15 pounds in the next month to meet the goal the doctor had for me or 0.5 pounds per day. Maybe I should put the old exercise bike to work? I've only had it for a year and it makes a great coat rack!

As for other exciting news, I hate winter. I know it has probably been a "normal" winter and we have been spoiled over the last few years I would be thrilled if I never saw another snowflake. In fact, I am thinking that Orlando Florida would be a pretty good spot to spend each and every winter. But for that to happen I either need to find a sugarmommy who wants to adopt me or I need a present from the Ontario Lottery Corporation. Neither of which is likely but it is always fun to dream.

And in other news, the NASCAR season is back underway with yesterday's running of the 50th Daytona 500. Congrats to Satan, I mean Ryan Newman on his win and all the folks at Penske Racing South. Unfortunately, a flat tire sent Ken Schrader home and for the first time since 1984 he wasn't on the starting grid. On to Fontana to attempt the Auto Club 500 in California.


Slacker boy

Hard to believe it's been 20 days since my last update and I am afraid it is not good news. The weather has been so miserable and I have not been working very much so I have been putting food in my face. More than I have lately, at least. And to add to the fun I had a cold sneak up on me Monday night so maybe being able to stay home will be good for me, especially with a potential 12-25 cm of snow expected to fall on Thursday night and into Friday.

So to recap over the last three weeks, I was up by 2.2 pounds, down by 0.4 pounds and up again by 1.8 pounds for a total of up by 3.6 pounds and my total is now 29.8 which means I have to lose 18 pounds by the middle of March to get to where the doctor wants to see my weight.


Bitch and moan

Where do I start? I guess since NASCAR pre-season testing has begun I guess I'll start with the screwed up race team known as Wood Brothers/JTG Racing. Or maybe they have split up and are back to being just Wood Brothers again. Who knows and who cares, really? My favourite driver is Ken Schrader and he has been treated disgracefully by this shadow of a formerly great race team. Originally the reports would be Ken would run the Bud Shootout and 12-14 races in the historic #21 Ford. He's getting older and his career is winding down so I think most of us would accept that. In the last couple days, Eddie Wood was on Sirius Speedway with Dave Moody and said most of the races would be run with Bill Elliott, Marcos Ambrose and Jon Wood behind the wheel. No mention at all of Schrader. When Moody asked about KS, Wood responded that he may fill in for a race or 2 and that he would test at Daytona with the 49 car.

As far as I am concerned, I hope the Wood Brothers don't make a race this season, unless Ken is behind the wheel and they finish 43rd in any race they do start.

Onto #2 and that would be the Toronto Maple Leafs. What the heck is wrong with this team? I have no answers and it seems they have none either. But I have been watching them since I was 6 years old in the days of Darryl Sittler and Lanny McDonald, through the Imlach returns years, then the Wendel Clark era and now with Mats and the gang.

My nieces and nephew are loving the Nintendo Wii. The 3 year old is actually pretty at golf on the Wii Sports disc, they also got the game based on the movie Open Season.

Oh and for those of you wondering about the weight thing, I am down by 0.4 pounds for a total of 33.4 pounds, which means I have to lose another 5 to match my highest amount of weight lost and then another 17 pounds to make my next goal. Imagine what I'd do if I had an actual exercise routine to follow. Until I am rich and can afford a gym membership I guess the dog will get more walks.


Holiday update

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years holiday. I know my neices and nephew did, except for my nephew coming home from visiting his father's side of the family and coming home with a case of head lice. Ick. But Santa was very good to them all and I guess the best present they got was a Nintendo Wii game system. I have played it once so far and my "Wii Fitness" age is 50. Which I guess isn't bad for my first try.

I have been telling people I was so bad that Santa didn't even leave me a piece of coal but I did get the Dukes of Hazzard, Season 2 on DVD and just need seasons 4, 5, 6 and 7 to complete my collection. And once the financial end of things gets figured out I will pick up something for myself.

As for the weight thing, since my last update on Dec 20, overall I am up by 1.4 pounds for a total of 33. Which means I am still up 5 from my first goal, which means I am 15 away from where the doctor wants to see me by my next appointment and 22 from meeting my next goal. Or to put it another way, I have to get back in gear.

Hope everyone has a wonderful 2008.